About the Course

A2P SMS Sales & Lead Generation Practices

Sales and Lead generation is crucial in every Company and Account Manager’s business development. However, how effective is your strategy and how updated is your knowledge when it comes to new leads and new customer acquisition?  

Digital media has completely changed the lead generation era and is an essential tool for sales development. Especially in B2B Sales, LinkedIn is a very effective medium to inform, attract and gain new sales and valuable collaborations. 

Business Messaging Academy’s “A2P Sales & Lead Generation Practices” tutorial is an exclusively made 3-hour lesson, especially for A2P SMS Executives. The sales methods and tactics described in the class increase your productivity and improve your sales performance by up to 25%!  

The lesson is exclusively for Sales Executives, Customer Relations, Marketing, and Business Development professionals.

In this Lesson, you will learn:   

  • The Basic Sales Principles
  • How to decode the Customer Needs
  • The Sales Motives 
  • Pre-Sales, Sales, and After Sales Management
  • Customer Support & Loyalty Techniques
  • The Importance of Soft Skills and how to improve it
  • The Importance of the Customer Experience Journey 
  • How to increase your relevant business network 
  • How to create efficient communication 
  • How to monetize a “new contact.”  
  • The techniques for engagement 
  • How to improve the response rate of your LinkedIn inbox 
  • Communication techniques get the attention  
  • Effective methods for your personal and professional branding


The Paricipation Cost is 290Є/per Trainee.


After the Seminar, all participants will receive the lesson’s presentation in a PDF format and a Business Messaging Academy Certificate of Participation.

Venue & Date: 

To be Announced