About the Course

Fundamentals of Routing Management
“A Journey in the Heart of the A2P Ecosystem”

About this Lesson

Route management (Routing Management) is the planning of using the most efficient routes to achieve high delivery rate for SMS termination. It is an essential operation for the whole A2P SMS ecosystem.

In fact, it is the mechanism that controls SMS termination, delivery, the priorities and is essential for the profitability of the company.

But what does it take to efficient Route Management? How does it function with the whole A2P Ecosystem? Which is the type of routing? What does “smart routing” mean, and how can we measure best practices and get the advantage of valuable KPIs?

The Session is devided to two parts:

In the first 180-minute session, Zaffar Owais Andrabi, CEO at Almuqeet Systems, will explain with simple words all you need to know for efficient, effective, and profitable Routing Management.

The second part, is 30-minute business talk and Q&A about technical-nature questions.


  • Zaffar Owais Andrabi – CEO at Almuqeet Systems

Date & Duration

  • Tuesday, 25 June  2024
  • 14:00 – 17:00 CET


  • The cost for one trainee is 290 euros.
  • For two trainees the total cost is 490 euros.

Course Breakdown

Course Breakdown

  • Role of Routing management function in A2P Ecosystem
  • Basic model of A2P message termination Ecosystem
  • Different Types of Routing techniques
  • Smart Routing techniques to enhance margin profitability
  • Different types of Routes, their characteristics and their usage based on customer profile.
  • Important Routing management KPI’s
  • Routing Management Operational activities
  • Routing Management Best Practices
  • Route Testing and analyzing results
  • Knowledge-sharing information
  • Q&A
  • Business Talk

Course Prerequisites

This lesson is created for Routing, NOC, Tech Support, and Commercial SMS Professionals.


After the Seminar, all participants will receive the lesson’s presentation in a PDF format and a Business Messaging Academy Certificate of Participation.


A 10-question Quiz concerning the lesson’s topics will be sent to all participants so they can test their knowledge.


The 180-minutes lesson will be held over ZOOM on Tuesday, 25 June 2024, at 14:00 CET.