ss7 explained

About the Course

SS7 EXPLAINED – New Course Announced for 11 April 2024

“The Tech Infrastructure, Challenges and Opportunities”

About the Lesson:

SS7 is a set of protocols allowing phone networks to exchange the information needed for passing calls and text messages and ensure correct billing. It also allows users on one network to roam on another, such as when traveling in a foreign country.

This lesson provides a fundamental look at both the SS7 protocol (along with GSM MAP) and related security issues and provides valuable insights into the SS7 protocol.


  • Steve DeVries – Head of Training at Cellusys
  • Andreas Constantinides  – Head of MoreThan160

Date & Duration

  • Thursday, 11 April 2024
  • 14:00 – 17:00 CET


  • One Participant: 290 euro
  • Two Participants: 490 euro

Course Prerequisites

This lesson is created for Routing, NOC, Tech Support, and Commercial SMS Professionals. Basic knowledge of telephony and signaling would be helpful but not essential.


After the Seminar, all participants will receive the lesson’s presentation in a PDF format and a Business Messaging Academy Certificate of Participation.


The 180 minutes lesson will be held over ZOOM. The date will be announced.

Course Breakdown

1. Discovering SS7

SS7 architecture
SS7 modes of operation
SS7 and mobile networks
SS7 protocol (high level look at the protocol stack & their functions)
GSM Mobile Application Part (MAP)
Variations on delivering SMS
What is Sigtran?
Sigtran protocols
Advantages of SCTP as a transport
SCTP messages
SCTP procedures
Peer and user adaptation layers

3. Roaming

Open Roaming
How to monetize SS7

2. About Fraud

Network overview
Gateway screening
SS7 security threats
Effects on the network
Recent security breaches
Gaining access
The SCCP Calling Party (CgPA)
Common MAP messages & vulnerabilities
Preventive steps
Industry solutions
Introduction to signaling firewalls
GSMA FS.11 (SS7 Interconnect Security & Firewall Guidelines)
Types of SMS
SMS Architecture
GSMA FS.70 & FS.71
SMS protection
A2P Monetization
Types of fraud
Grey routes
SMS firewalls
Details of home routing

4. Quiz

A 10-question Quiz concerning the lesson’s topics will be sent to all participants so they can test their knowledge.