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Induction to the SMS and Business Messaging

The ISBM (Induction to the SMS and Business Messaging) Course is an extended and specialized Course exclusively for candidates who wish to enter the fascinating and fast-moving Telecommunication, SMS, and Business Messaging Industry in the most efficient way.

Lesson Duration: 12 months (6 months theory and 6 months internship).

Wholesale SMS Sales & Stability Techniques

Wholesale SMS Sales & Stability Techniques” it’s a complete, educational, informative, and condensed 24 hours training session divided into twelve (12) lessons. In these lessons, you will understand Business Messaging insights, find techniques to develop your business messaging clientele, and create valuable leads for new sales.

Lesson Duration: 24 training hours – 8 weeks – 10 Tutors

Routing Management – “A Journey in the Heart of the A2P Ecosystem

Route management (routing management) is the planning of using the most efficient routes to achieve a high delivery rate for SMS termination. It is an essential operation for the whole A2P SMS ecosystem. In this lesson, Rohit Medade, Head of Routing at RDCOM, will explain with simple words all you need to know for efficient, effective, and profitable Routing Management.

Lesson Duration: 2 training hours + 1 hour business talk

“A2P SMS Sales & Lead Generation Practices for Business Messaging Professionals“

Sales and Lead generation is crucial in every Company and Account Manager’s business development.  Business Messaging Academy’s “A2P Sales & Lead Generation Practices” tutorial is an exclusively made 3-hour lesson, especially for A2P SMS Executives. The lesson is exclusively for Sales Executives, Customer Relations, Marketing, and Business Development professionals.

Lesson Duration: 3 training hours

“SS7 EXPLAINED – The Tech Infrastructure, Challenges and Opportunities”

SS7 is a set of protocols allowing phone networks to exchange the information needed for passing calls and text messages and ensure correct billing. It also allows users on one network to roam on another, such as when traveling in a foreign country.

This lesson provides a fundamental look at both the SS7 protocol (along with GSM MAP) and related security issues and provides valuable SS7 insights into SS7.

Lesson Duration: 3 training hours

“A2P SMS Sales & Lead Generation Practices for Business Messaging Professionals“

If you have thoughts of entering the Wholesale SMS industry, this seminar is giving you the blueprint you need. The seminar gives an overview concerning SMS wholesale. Shares the secrets of the SMS wholesale market, the services provided, the average profit per service, etc. Also defines the difference between the professionals needed to be involved and describes the roles of the personnel required, and gives valuable tips for consideration.

Lesson Duration: 3 training hours + 1 hour business talk