About the Course

The ISBM (Induction to the SMS and Business Messaging) Course is an extended and specialized Course exclusively for candidates who wish to enter the fascinating and fast-moving Telecommunication, SMS, and Business Messaging Industry in the most efficient way.

No matter the degree you hold, or your previous professional experience, no matter if you are a Senior or a Junior, the ISBM is a 200-hour Course that helps you to learn about the SMS and the Business Messaging Ecosystem by getting the knowledge required from the most significant Professionals of the International Telecommunication Industry.

Theory > internship > Work!

The ISBM is not a single Academic Course aimed to give you the knowledge and let you find your way afterward. It is a complete Course with Theory and Internships, two essential elements for every newcomer entering the Industry.

Business Messaging Academy has already contracted significant telecommunication companies willing to hire the ISBM trainees as interns.

How does it work?

The course is divided into two parts:

Part 1: The Theory (6 months)

The first 100 hours are divided into 48 lessons (2 hours per lesson) which take place twice weekly for 24 consecutive weeks. Every week, all trainees are obliged to do a 20 multiple-choice questions assignment. The score of the assignment is essential for their internship. At the end of the whole 6-month course, the average score of all assignments must be at least 70 out of 100. 

Part 2: The Practice (6-month Internship)

Trainees with an average score of more than 70 out of 100 will be suggested for internships. In the internship program, companies from all aspects of business messaging, such as: wholesale SMS, enterprise SMS, business messaging, platforms, VAS, virtual numbers, etc., provide the ability for trainees to practice their knowledge and work in a real business messaging environment.  All internships are paid. The company is paying the intern 600 euros per month.

Most of the internships are Remote Access. However, some companies offer in-house jobs as well.

Course Duration

  • Theory: The lessons will start on Monday, 1st of March 2023, and finish on Thursday, 5th of August 2023.
  • Internships: The internships will start in September 2023 and finish at the end of February 2024.

Course Breakdown


  1. Introduction to Wholesale SMS Messaging
  2. The Need
  3. The Retail Market
  4. Definition – Terminology
  5. Reports, KPIs & Statistics
  6. Routing
  7. Basic Sales Principles
  8. The CX
  9. The Everyday Management
  10. The Marketing
  11. The Personal Branding
  12. The Tools
  13. The Support
  14. Customer Development
  15. The Messaging Platforms
  16. GDPR
  17. The Wholesale SMS Operations
  18. The Evolution of A2P Messaging
  19. Contracts & Agreements
  20. The Conferences (Capacity, Telemedia, GCCM, WWC, MWC, ITW)
  21. Institutions (MEF – GSMA)
  22. Kind of Providers (Vendors, Aggregators, MNO, MVNO)
  23. Firewalls Explained
  24. The Virtual Numbers in the Wholesale Messaging Ecosystem
  25. Introduction to the Wholesale Voice Industry


  1. Introduction to Enterprise Messaging
  2. The Need
  3. The Market
  4. The SMS Nature
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Viber
  7. Telegram
  8. RCS
  9. OTT (In general)
  10. Enterprise Messaging Platforms
  11. General SMS Standards & Regulations)
  12. European SMS Standards & Regulations)
  13. Non-European SMS Standards & Regulations)
  14. African SMS Standards & Regulations)
  15. ASIA SMS Standards & Regulations)
  16. Middle East SMS Standards & Regulations)
  17. LATAM SMS Standards & Regulations)
  18. US SMS Standards & Regulations)
  19. Reports, KPIs & Statistics
  20. Basic Sales Principles
  21. The CX
  22. The Everyday Management
  23. The Marketing
  24. The Personal Branding
  25. The Tools
  26. The Support
  27. Customer Development
  28. CPaaS
  29. The Enterprise SMS Operations
  30. The Evolution of A2P Messaging
  31. The Virtual Numbers in the BM Ecosystem


  1. Andreas Constantinides Head of MoreThan160
  2. Andrew Ward – VP of Sales at Annecto
  3. Bernardo Lobato da Fonseca – Commercial & Operations Executive at Go4Mobility
  4. Cristina Rotaru – Director of Messaging Business Development at Yuboto
  5. Daniela Jovic – Director of Sales and Communications in Spacemanic
  6. Fabrizio Salanitri – CEO at HORISEN
  7. Florence Sebastien – Head od FSE Consultancy
  8. Micheal Power – CTPO | CPaaS Consultant, HEad of Engage Mobile
  9. Mila Budylo – CCO at BSG
  10. Nemanja Miljovic – Head of IT Operations and Security at HORISEN
  11. Rafal Nowak – Director Operator Partnerships DACH & CEE at Infobip
  12. Rohit Medade – Head of Routing- Business Messaging @ RDCOM
  13. Vladimir Gerneshii – Head of Product Strategy at Global Message Services (GMS)
  14. Vladimir Smal – Head of Sales and Procurement, Global Messaging at LANCK Telecom

Course Prerequisites

  • Very well knowledge of the English language
  • A Diploma, or a Bachelor or any other Degree
  • This lesson is created for people outside Telcos. That means you don’t need to have Telco experience to participate. It is created for professionals from any field or background who wish to develop a career in the Business Messaging Industry.

IMPORTANT: All registered candidates will be interviewed by the “Academy Admission Committee.” After the interview, the candidates will be informed if their application has been accepted.

Work – Questionnaire

  • A 10 questions exam concerning the lesson’s topics will be sent to all participants after every lesson.


  • After every lesson, all participants will receive the lesson’s presentation in a PDF format.
  • At the end of the lessons, all participants will receive the Business Messaging Academy Certificate of Attendance.
  • Trainees with a minimum score of 70 / 100 or higher will be suggested to start their internships in the sector they desire (wholesale, enterprise, platforms, virtual numbers, etc.) in Telco companies around the Globe.

Course Cost

The cost for the Course is 5.800,00€ plus VAT if applicable.

Special Price for the First Year: Discount of 35%

Total Price: 3.770,00plus VAT if applicable.

Payment Scheme


Deposit: 1.500,00 euros & Five installments of 378,00€ each (March to Aug 22)

Payment in advance:

Discount 15%: Total 3.204,00€ plus VAT if applicable.

FREE Live Course Presentation

If you want to know more about the Course, book now and join us in the live presentation that will be held over ZOOM on Wednesday, 18 January 2023. In this 45 minutes presentation, we will present all the information needed concerning the Business Messaging Industry, we will discuss the Course, the Lessons and we will reveal the benefits and the future of the telecommunication industry.

Have questions?

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