Meet The MoreThan160 Team

Andreas S. Constantinides 

Head of MoreThan160
Wholesale & Enterprise Messaging Expert, Author, Key-Note Speaker 

Meet Andreas, the Leading Force of MoreThan160!

Head of the MoreThan160, Andreas is a highly motivated with expertise of the International Message Ecosystem, specializing in SMS messaging wholesale and retail, landing pages, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Zalo, and OMNI-Messaging platforms.

Andreas is not just a CEO; he’s a motivated speaker, often gracing Telco Conferences as a Keynote Speaker at renowned events like Capacity Media, Global Carrier Community (GCCM), Wholesale World Congress (WWC), ITW in Chicago & Atlanta, and MWC in Barcelona.

Beyond the podium, Andreas excels in creating enduring relationships with customers, colleagues, and partners. His managerial spirit goes beyond the boardroom; as a head, he motivates his team and fosters solid and effective team-building relationships.

Andreas’s journey includes a notable tenure as the Commercial Director at “Yuboto” from 2012 to 2019, a Greek leading Telco & Mobile Marketing IT House with a significant Enterprise Clientele spanning Greece, Russia, Balkans, Turkey, Middle East, LATAM, and CIS.

He’s not just a professional; Andreas is a qualified Professional Business Trainer certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance. Beyond that, he served as a Judge at GCCM Awards and CX Awards in Berlin, as well as the International Customer Experience Awards in the UK & Southeast Europe. Andreas is the accomplished author of numerous best-selling Sales books and manuals.

Maria Pelivanidi

HR Executive & Bussiness Coordinator

Meet Maria, the MoreThan160 powerhouse Coordinator!

Despite her legal background (well, nobody is perfect!), she exclusively manages HR-HUB4TELCOS, the headhunting service at MT160. She is on a mission to ensure that the perfect candidates fill into the right Telco Company inquiries, turning hiring into a matchmaking masterpiece.

Maria is also actively involved in the Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards, the Oscars of the Telco World. As a co-host, she ensures the perfect touch of sparkle the Ceremony promises.

And that’s not all she does – Maria oversees and coordinates all services of MoreThan160. From HR to the Academy, from Marketing to the Awards, she keeps everything and everyone in perfect sync.

Siavosh Vahabzadeh

Business Messaging Academy Coordinator

Meet Siavosh, the Dynamo Behind Business Messaging Academy!

As the BMA Coordinator, Siavosh applies his expertise in event organizing and management to craft a dynamic learning experience for Telco professionals.

In his role as Coordinator, Siavosh carefully plans and manages BMA courses, ensuring a rewarding educational journey. With a sharp eye for detail (thanks to his self-proclaimed mild case of “OCD – Organizing Courses Dazzlingly”) he navigates the specifics of course coordination. Paying attention not only guarantees the smooth running of programs but also creates an environment where learning grows, empowering Telco professionals to excel in their field.

Siavosh isn’t just coordinating courses; he’s cultivating a hub of Telco expertise, making BMA a magnet for excellence in the industry.

Chris Savvides

Marketing Assistant

Meet Chris, the Marketing Energy at MoreThan160!

With a blend of creativity and precision, Chris is involved in all our marketing endeavors, dedicated to elevating the MT160 brand.

In particular, Chris is the exclusive dedicated force behind the Newsletter Campaigns Service, overseeing its smooth operation and infusing innovation into every campaign.

Beyond Campaigns, Chris plays a key role in synchronizing all marketing efforts within the team. Whether crafting compelling content or collaborating with other departments, Chris works behind the scenes, propelling the marketing of MT160 and its Clients to new heights.

Kiki Zontanou

Finance & Operations Manager

Meet Kiki, the Operations Captain at MoreThan160!

With a wealth of experience in operations, Kiki is behind all the procedures that keep MoreThan160 running seamlessly. She is driven by a passion for perfection, firmly believing that systems should be simple, adaptable, and highly effective – designed by humans to serve humans.

An open-minded and “out of the box” professional, Kiki possesses the ability to forge strong team relationships. Her “can-do” attitude, coupled with excellent communication and motivation skills, makes her a standout personality in the world of operations.

Kiki collaborates efficiently with teams, delivering remarkable results both as part of a collective unit and as a single force driving operational excellence.

Elpida Minadaki

Communication Manager

Meet Elpida, the Communication Master at MoreThan160!

As the Communication Manager, she ensures seamless communication with external entities and overseeing the smooth operation and exposure of MT160.

Elpida is not only a key player behind the scenes but also takes center stage in the Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards. Here, she exclusively manages the Nominations Department, providing assistance and guidance to the Nominee Companies as to make the Awards a resounding success.

Beyond her managerial roles, Elpida is an author with numerous published books. Her journey includes collaborations with the most significant Advertising Agencies in Greece. As an experienced Senior Copywriter in the Communications and Media industry, she has honed her skills in Copywriting, Advertising, Radio, Blogging, and Creative Writing.